Monday, 14 January 2013

BeautyPulseLondon Competition winner! Original Moxie Review


I entered Beauty Pulse London's first birthday giveaway and I won. Some of you know how I am blessed and win comps. (speak it and it will be!) I won Original Moxie's Hair Bling and Everyday Leave in Detangling Conditioner. Now I already had the leave in as I bought this last year so I knew how that worked on my hair already. I transitioned for 9 months and I am 2 yrs and 6 moths post Big Chop (BC). My hair is different now compared to when I BC'd.

I did not care for the smell initially but it grew on me. It detangled my knotty hair and moisturised it nicely. However, the moisture does not last as long as I would like compared with other leave ins or mixes I have used. I don't know what it was my hair just did not take to it well. If I wanted to do a style and did not want to wait a while for it to dry then yes it would be fine for me. I had a Naptural85 moment when she realised the Trader Joe conditioners that she loved had cones in them. How did I miss this? I noticed a few months ago. So my brother uses it now and his hair loves it. His hair is very similar to mine.

Here is the consistency. It reminded me of lotion.

Original Moxie Everyday Leave in consistency is thin and runny.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

RoseBOX Launch

The Launch of RoseBOX 

RoseBOX Launch Event & Mixer

Finally RoseBOX is launching on the 8th of November! What is RoseBOX you say? RoseBOX is a new premium subscription service catering to British women with Kinky, Curly, Wavy and Multi-textured hair.

Nearly three quarter's of the world's population has textured hair. Most people tend to believe this is only true for those from an ethnic minority group. However, this not the case as the three quarter's considers all races.

Some women of colour have been known to chemically alter their hair aka relax their hair to "fit in" with society's definition of "good hair. Women of other races have also been known to put their hair through intense heat treatments to achieve a straighter look e.g. Brazilian Blow outs. Straighter hair = Attractive for some.

It is one thing finding out how to look after curly hair and another thing finding the right products that will help you work with your curls. Products may either be difficult to find, not accessible in brick and mortar stores or pricey including shipping charges. There are many new brands that have hit the shelves and more established brands have responded by bringing out their solutions for women with natural curly hair after seeing a demand for this.

Winter Healthy Hair Care

It is time for a change in my hair care regimen as it is seriously cold outside. I was unfortunate enough to be caught in the snow early Saturday morning last week. :( There and then I knew I could not prolong my protective styling.

Around the time that it becomes increasingly colder for me, an increase in moisture, yet maintaining a balance of protein is necessary. I achieve this by steam treatments. Now I only got a steamer this year so if you do not own a steamer yet, don't fret. So why the steamer then? Well it came with a facial steamer too, but mostly because I love the increased steam and moisture going into my hair. I used my trusty carrier bag and hand dryer method for 3 yrs and it worked well for my hair. I apply the direct heat over the bag and move it round in a circular motion for 30 mins. Instant steam treatment and a saving of £20 per "salon steam treatment". 

  • Moisturise and seal (M&S)- Have a spritz to hand even if it is just water (purified is better). You can also use your moisturiser (water based). Do this more often and with a heavier butter. I have Qhemet Biologics  Amla Olive Heavy Cream which is really thick and this is great for sealing in the moisture. I can also use my Shea Butter mix too. As I do the L.O.C method, I will only put a small coin size amount of coconut oil no more than that. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Keziah Connections Nurture and Network evening Part 3!

In the third part of the Keziah Connections Nurture and Network evening, we will be looking at Public Relations and Communications (Part 1).

Speakers include Deborah Johnson, Senior Account executive at Pure Public Relations Pure Public Relations  ,  speakers from Monty PR Monty PR whose clients include Mandara Spa, Bliss etc and Mandara Spa. They will giving us valuable, expert help as well as sharing their experience.

 This evening will definitely be something special and it is located at the Mandara Spa at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge. It is the first Mandara Spa in the UK and the only one in Europe. The Mandara Spa Brand product line is the exclusive premium spa product line carried by Sainsbury’s.


Photo Source : Mandara Spa Website

The decor is stunning and I love the colour scheme. I know I need to have some treatments done there hehe. I cannot wait for the event later on! This is a great opportunity to network with like minded individuals and industry professionals. This event is not to be missed. If you have got your ticket already see you there! If not, there is still time to purchase your ticket here  Buy your tickets 

Stay beautifully and naturally made.

Dee x

Monday, 22 October 2012

Keziah Connections Nurture and Network evening part 2

Hello all I  hope you are well and you enjoyed your weekend like I did? I went to a friends wedding but I may post about that later.

This was my first Keziah Connections Nurture and Network evening event and I was impressed on the presentation of the event, the venue and its speakers.

It took place at Illuminium Perfume Lounge and I arrived late unfortunately so I missed the first part which was covered by Christine Benson, the CEO of Unique Brand Partners. They oversea the Illuminium Fragrance brand.

I arrived in time to hear  Dr Yana Johnson MBE, the creator and Director of Yana Cosmetics.

Yana inspires the audience with her story

Source: via Pinetrest

Here were some tips I picked up.

  • Be bold with buyers
  • Getting from the "conceptual idea> realisation" of the idea will take a lot of trial and error which you should learn from
  • Something unique to Yana Cosmetics was their numbering system. That way customers could idea what the products were and what they had purchased previously
  • Build on an original brand and quality must be at the forefront
  • Let there be consistency in your message 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

J'ouvert Boudoir Lounge presents the J'ouvert Cosmetics Launch at Browns Courtrooms Venue in London

J'ouvert Boudoir Lounge presents the launch of a new independent beauty brand J'ouvert Cosmetics. It is a collection of affordable yet luxurious make-up which aims to mix, match and combine to create the look that you want.

The founder of J'ouvert Cosmetics Meridith Hypolite is a fashion and colour analyst and she discovered that there was a need for a simple yet clear and coordinated make-up and advice. She states "Here at J'ouvert, our goal is to encourage every woman who comes into contact with our products to self-expressive, creative and confident in exploring new looks while at the same time keeping her own identity. We are all about letting go and having fun".

Meridith Hypolite

Amongst the exhibitors will be luxury emerging British womenswear label L.2Mae, the brainchild of Hull based designer Debbie Huntley who has previously worked for numerous established high end fashion
brands such as Paul Smith and Alice Temperley.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Detangling your hair be you natural, relaxed or texlaxed.

Oil Lovers

One of the most annoying yet important practices in healthy hair care is the detangling process. When I was relaxed, I ensured I took my time and always started combing from my ends upwards slowly. This was a must. This has not changed now that I am natural.

If you are having issues detangling your hair or you find it takes too much time, you must try Oil Rinsing.

What is Oil Rinsing and what are the benefits?

It is simply rinsing your hair with oil after the shampoo/ cowash process to soften up the hair and allow for easy detangling.

Oil rinsing is better than doing a regular hot oil treatment as the shampooing process is done before oil is applied thus preserving any loss oil natural oils while shampooing. Step 5 is done so that you do not have too much oil left on the strands.

How to Oil Rinse:

Step 1 : Wash with water, wet your hair and then shampoo.
Step 2: Rinse your hair 
Step 3: "Oil Rinse" your hair with your oil of choice 
Step 4: Rinse with warm water
Step 5: Apply conditioner
Step 6: Rinse well
Final step: Apply leave in conditioner or cream. 

At the last stage I do the L.O.C method. Liquid Oil Cream. I will do a post on this soon on how that has worked for me so stay tuned for that. 

Here is a YouTube video by Nappy Chronicles showing how to Oil Rinse.

I do mine in the shower in sections of four. If you hair is thicker and longer you can try it in six sections. TWA's etc this should be a breeze. If you relaxed or texlaxed follow the same rules.

WARNING! AS OILS CAN BE SLIPPERY IN THE BATH OR SHOWER TAKE EXTRA CARE. I have never slipped once because I am very careful and use my applicator bottle.

What oils to use: Emollient Oils

I have a large oil stash and switch up the emollient oils that I use. My three favourites are Castor oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) and Avocado oil. I use this in moderate amounts so it is not too greasy.

You will see that with finger detangling or using your comb if you prefer that, it is much easier to detangle.I have been doing this for over a year and I cannot go back. My hair loves it.

I have cut my detangling time down to 10-15 mins max if that. I do this with every wash.

What Oils will you try?  Be sure to let me know if you have any questions and how Oil Rinsing has helped you.

Stay beautifully and naturally made. 

Dee x